The Boustrophedonizer

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The Boustrophedonizer: Read With Half the Eye Movement

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What if you could read almost twice as fast are you can now? How much time would that save you?

Enter boustrophedon.

With the program on this website, written in JavaScript, you can—with practice—read nearly twice as fast as you normally do.

Sounds improbable? It's provable by common sense.

When we read, we track our eyes left to right. Then, we drag our eyes to the beginning of the next line and start again. This is set by tradition. It is not efficient.

To look forward, we look back. The ancient Greeks wrote with alternating lines of text. One line was printed from left to right, and the next was written right to left.

In this way, the optimal eye tracking pattern was achieved.

We can do this today.

I have created 2 apps. In one app, the entire word is reversed.

In the other version, only the word order is changed.